look what i found Staff Directory:

buy Lyrica in ireland Diana Meo: Director
Linda Schroeder: Assistant To The Director / Cloverdale Educational Coordinator
Dana Bumgardner: Administrative Assistant / Deputy Treasurer
Stacey Bean: Treasurer

Low-incident Classroom Teachers:

Paula Lopossa: Cloverdale Elementary School
Laura McMaster: Cloverdale High School
Tom Standers: South Putnam Junior/Senior High School

Dennis Weir: Old National Trail On-Site Teacher
Charity Pankratz: Psychologist
Loretta Smith: Psychologist
Kris Needham: Psychologist
Linda Phillips: Psychologist

Lynn Scott: North Putnam Educational Coordinator
Pam Roberts: Cloverdale Educational Coordinator

Abby Moran: Speech and Language Pathologist
Angie Murphy: Speech and Language Pathologist
Heidi Taylor: Speech and Language Pathologist
Heather Atwood: Speech and Language Pathologist Asst.
Megan Gray: Speech and Language Pathologist Asst.
Jessica Tinsley: Speech and Language Pathologist 
Kierstin Smith: Speech and Language Pathologist 
Kathi Haller: Speech and Language Pathologist Asst.

Tara Felkey: Speech and Language Pathologist

Cindy Cartwright: Speech and Language Pathologist

Carol Krag: Physical Therapist
Paula Lopossa: Blind and Low Vision
Carrie Edwards: Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Dedee Schwomeyer: Occupational Therapist
Joan Mundy: Occupational Therapist
Jennifer Austin: Occupational Therapist

Master Contract:

2017-2018 Master Contract


*These documents are intended to be printed and filled out

Certified Application
Non-Certified Application

Current Open Job Positions:

Speech Language Pathologist

Educational Coordinator